Expressive arts is used in a variety of settings!

Expressive Arts Therapy


There arts enable us to give expression to pain and distress that is beyond language; to move it out from the abyss within into a physical form that can be examined, acknowledged and released by the sufferer, clearing the path to change. 


The arts also give a physical presence to hopes and dreams. As we shape our images, they, in turn, shape us. When we depict with a drawing, collage, or sculpture, or enact a new way of being in the world, it is empowering. Practicing a new behavior in the imaginal realm paves the way for a shift in the physical world. 

Expressive Arts is often used in conjunction with or as an alternative to psychotherapy.  Among many applications, it is highly effective in the treatment of eating disorders, substance abuse, depression and mental illness, and for those who have experienced trauma. 

Expressive Arts Coaching


Whether you want to improve your relationships, health, life, or career, expressive arts coaching focuses on identifying resources and solutions to help you move forward, rather than dwelling on problems or concerns that keep you stuck. Clients find the art-making process both relaxing and invigorating as they deepen self-awareness and apply their creative skills to challenging situations. 

Expressive Arts Consulting

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Expressive Arts is a fun and engaging process that can be used in organizations to develop team synergy, resolve conflict, stimulate creativity, and promote change. Art-making activities are designed so that anyone at any level can participate. It is an effective way to reduce work-related stress and burnout, while enhancing productivity and innovation. 


Expressive Arts Education


Using expressive arts in an educational setting creates opportunities for students to experience the arts as a process for learning, discovering resources, and creative solutions. Students ask and explore their questions through multiple arts activities, engaging in an experiential learning process that leads to embodied wisdom.  


“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
— Pablo Picasso